Our Faculty

School Entrance Exam Preparation

We have experienced and proficient teachers for respective subjects like English, Hindi and Math.

For Class 1st to 5th

  • We also have lady teachers for all the subjects.

For Class 6th to 8th

  • Provide faculty for different subjects.
  • Convent educated teachers are available having good knowledge and skills in order to give good results.
  • Faculties are available for the different combination of subjects like Science, Math, English,
  • Teachers of different educational background like English, Hindi, literature, history geography etc are available to take up the subjects of social studies.
  • For subjects like Sanskrit and Hindi we have proficient Acharya having minimum experience of 10 years

For Class 9th to 10th

  • Proficient male teachers are available having minimum experience of 5 years in particular subjects like math
  • A guaranteed 5% of improvement every month.
  • We guaranteed 60% marks in board examination.
  • Also provide teachers for social studies, Sanskrit, English, and Hindi who has mastery over their subjects.

For Class 11th to 12th

  • We have good teacher having expertise in their subject and at least 6 years of experience.
  • Subjects that are being taken up –physics, math, chemistry, biology, accounts, economics, English, literature, computers,
  • Respective teacher are available for respective subject having mastery over their subjects.

Other Facilities

  • A lady faculty is available for the housewives for English communication.
  • We have dance faculties with us having minimum experience of 3 years in the field.

Preparation for all entrance examination like PMT, AIEEE, IIT, MBA, School Entrance Examination.